Ezra Pirk

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Land: Schweiz
Region: CH - Luzern

Muttersprache: Deutsch

Akzentfreie Fremdsprachen:
- Englisch  

- CH Basel   - CH Bern   - CH Graubünden   - CH Luzern  

Erfahrung als Schauspieler/in:

Short movie ZFF72 contest. 2019 Movie: Tracker By Tony Saint Marc, Zürich Switzerland, Role: Agent - starting scene, Language: English
Short movie: Jagd auf die Heldin, By Joyce Küng, Nischenmarketing production, Sae Institute Zürich, Leading role: Bartli, Language: Swiss German, Zürich Switzerland, 2019
Short movie: Jeff & Chef By Kevin Walt, Sae Institute Zürich. Role: Chef, Language: Swiss German, Zürich 2019
Short movie: The handsome guy, By Stephane Fischer, Language: English, Role: Doctor, Zürich 2019
Short movie, By Simone Edelmann, Language: English, Role: shop assistant, Lucerne Switzerland, 2019
Theatre The dragons tale. Lucerne world theatre company 4 times stage performance Language: English Role: Tourist guide. Lucerne Switzerland 2019
Short movie: Closure. Improvisation movie, Role: Oli . Language: Swiss German. By Esra Tas and Rébekka Andrée. Lucerne Switzerland 2019
Short Movie 4ofakind - comedy Role: Mafioso, Language: German. By Parahill.pictures. Baden Switzerland 2019
Short movie: Fata Morgana, by Mahdi Abedi, Role: Human, Lucerne Switzerland 2020
Ezra Pirk Showreel 2019
Image film for nez rouge, role: bar guest - leading role. Winterthur Switzerland 2020 By Speedy productions
Short movie: Nadir, By Mustafa Ahmadi Role: Real estate sales man Suhr Switzerland 2020
Short movie. 19 By Tony Saint Marc Role: Tom Language: English Zürich Switzerland 2020
Movie Inkognito, extra/small acting role: middle age soldier, Chiffchaff production. Language: German . Lucerne Switzerland 2020
Short movie. The silent super hero. Role: Criminal. By Filip Filipovic. Zürich Switzerland 2020
Short Movie, komplett unchillig, main role: Jan, By Kevin Walt, Basel Switzerland 2020
Serie: Wilder, 3rd season - Swiss TV SFR, extra - role journalist , La chaux - de -Fonds, Switzerland 2020
Movie Inkognito, extra - fighting role: middle age soldier, Chiffchaff production. Language: German . Lucerne Switzerland 2020
Musik Video, Nastya , role: father, by Nevin George, Basel Switzerland 2020
Movie, the art of love, extra, by Philippe Weibel. UK/CH production Źurich 2020
Short Movie ZFF72 2020, "light on", Role father and part of the camera shots, Story developpment and scenography together with the whole team. Zürich 2020
Short movie: gone before dawn by Jonas Ulrich , role: hitman, Winterthur 2020
Short movie "the Beatdown" by Brian Pinkus. Role: Clarke, Bern 2020
commercial Helsana, leading role: Marco, by Kaspar Isler - Crunchy Communications, Źurich 2020
Serie Triad power by Brian Pinkus, Role: Shane, English, Bern 2020
Short film "Julia" by Elias Ettlin, Philipp Merki, SAE Institute, Role: Interviewer, Zürich 2020
Short film "keine Rochade" by Martina Hitz, SAE Institute, role: Tom, Zürich 2020
Commercial Mobiliar Insurance, by Stories AG, extra role: teacher, Zürich 2020
Commercial, Kägi and Circus Knie, Role: father, Zürich 2021
Commercial, Mobiliar, by dynamic frame, role: husband. Rengen Switzerland 2021
Commercial, Geberit, . By pumpkin Film AG. Role: Husband, Gockhausen Switzerland 2021
Short Movie: Hate vs. Love, role: father, by Majamba Nsimba, SAE Institute Zürich, Shooting in Basel 2021
Image movie, by Seed audio and visual communication, role: Construction worker boss, Bern 2021
Commercial, SASIS, by DurchgedrehtMedia, role: doctor, Lucerne 2021
commercial/foto shooting SWICA, by Rocketfilm, , role: father, Näfels Mollis 2021
Commercial, Stuiq agency, Role: Business man, Zürich 2021
Commercial yuh app, Agency superglue, role: person in interview, Zürich 2021
Commercial Migros Bank, Fe- Agentur, Role: Banker, Zürich 2021
Short movie: 213 Schritte, by Nicolas Stephanovsky, Role: Police officer, Lenzburg 2021
Foto shooting - foto campaign Caritas, role: husband, Zürich 2021
Commercial, by venturesome.ch, role: restaurant Guest, Lucerne 2021
Short movie, by Nina Hummel, role: teacher, Basel 2021
short movie, Circus, by Philipp Persano. role: teacher, Weiningen ZH 2021
Image Movie for Simon Immobilien AG by visions inspires, role: house owner, Istighofen 2021
Short Movie. Geierauge. After Edgar Allan Poe, . By Philip Beck, role: police Officer, Turbenthal Switzerland 2021
Commercial Foto shooting/Video shooting, Swiss tourism, role: father, Lucerne 2021
Short Movie: Exonarate, by Yann Belanga, Role: teacher, Aarau 2021
Commercial, Karriere Thurgau, role: painter, Bischofszell Nord 2021
Serie - Turner, by Yanick Wenger, Florian Krebs &; Captumo Team, role: villain - father, Bern 2021
Music Video - Carson Band, role: rich man, Lucerne 2021
Commercial SVA, by Film Lodge GmbH, role: Office worker, Wallisellen 2021
Image Film by Publicis Communications Schweiz AG, role: idealist/environmentalist, Zürich 2021
Music Video, Jester Band, role: father/husband, Zürich 2021/22
Commercial Betty Bossy, by Roman Barz, wirz.ch, role: Person baking cake, Zürich 2021
Commercial, Rob Nicolas GmbH, OFFCUT/ Migros Bank, role: upcycling person @OFFCUT Zürich 2022
Short movie, "a day in the park" , role: homeless dude, by Ezra & Lion Pirk, Lucerne 2021
Image Film, lostframes Germany & diyos clo, the last supper, role: disciple, Walenstadt Switzerland 2022
Image Film Raiffeisen bank, halioua Film GmbH, role: Bank client, Fislibach 2022
Commercial, Bank Cler, Markenfilm Schweiz AG, Role: husband in bed with wife, Zürich 2022
Commercial, Seed & Rhinfluencer, Role: Guy of couple taking Selfie with Nessy, Altstätten SG 2022
Fotoshooting, KPT, Family, Stories AG, role: man on bicycle, Zürich 2022
Commercial Bluu, Studio Nord, role: Guy using wash machine, Lucerne 2022
Image Film, Davos Klosters, by moviemaint GmbH, role: sports guy, Davos 2022
Mocumentary Switzerland Convention & incentive bureau, Role: Urs Letterli, by Matthias Thönnissen & Tuna productions, Titlis, Engelberg, Zürich 2022
Short Film, The Gift, by Brigitt Sonderegger, Role: Alexander, Zürich 2022
Image Film for Petiole by Yoveo productions, role: jogger, Weggis 2022
Image Film, Amnesty Switzerland, by Elias Abdulamin & Justus Briese, Rolle: Politiker, Zürich 2022
Commercial, Brack.ch - Markenfilm, Rolle: Geschenkeinpacker, Willisau 2023
Betashowdeluxe, Comedy short Film show opener, role: Beamter , Zürich 2023
Commercial, SLM Bank, by Filmbreeding,role: Banker, Mündsigen 2023
Tschugger Serie, Role: Extra audience, Wollishofen Zürich 2023
Events/Stage Performance, Zauberglanz, role: Globi und Papa Moll, Many different cities around Switzerland 2023
Shortfilm, From scratch, by Ezra Pirk and David B Graf, role: Patient, Lucerne 2023
Augenfarbe: Blau
Figur: durschschnittlich
Körpergrösse: 180 cm
Konfektionsgrösse: 34